Cryogenic gases

Refrigerated and liquefied gases

Schenk transports a range of refrigerated and liquefied gases, including liquid nitrogen (LIN), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid argon (LAR), liquid hydrogen (LH) and carbon dioxide (CO2), as well as gaseous carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen under pressure. These products are transported throughout Europe for clients such as Air Liquide, Air Products, Linde, SOL, Westfalen and Yara. Customers are served from our depots in the Benelux, Germany and Austria and a fleet of approximately 150 specialised Schenk road tankers are available for the transport of refrigerated and pressurised gases.

LIN, LOX and LAR are known as the industrial or “air” gases and are carried in special tanks at cryogenic temperatures. Liquid hydrogen is also transported at cryogenic temperatures using dedicated, highly specialised vehicles to various purchasers throughout Europe. As with our other specialist gas transport services, the carriage of of liquid hydrogen meets the relevant stringent safety requirements governing the design, construction and operation of such tank vehicles. The modal transport regulations are established as an integral part of our organisational safety procedures and are updated as required.


(Cryo) trailer rental

Schenk has its own fleet of dedicated tank trailers for the carriage of CO2 (carbon dioxide), LIN (liquid nitrogen), LOX (liquid oxygen), LAR (liquid argon), N2O (nitrous oxide) or LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). The trailers comply with all relevant operational requirements and are equipped with all the necessary safety accessories. The cargo transfer equipment, which includes Cryostar and Sefco pumps, enables the delivery of product to both low and high-pressure systems by means of fitted frequency converters. Each trailer is provided with a delivery meter and a ticket printer. The trailers can be hired on a long or short-term basis, with or without a Schenk tractor unit. For trailers on long-term rentals, units can be provided in the livery of the client.

Cryo container rental

In addition to tank trailers Schenk also has available 20-foot ISO and swap body tank containers suitable for the carriage of CO2 (carbon dioxide), LIN (liquid nitrogen), LOX (liquid oxygen), LAR (liquid argon), N2O (nitrous oxide) or LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). The extensive fleet includes tank containers equipped with electrically driven pump units, the pump being mounted in a separate cabinet within the frame of the container. Tank containers can be taken on long or short-term hire, while specialist trailer chassis and tractor units are also available from Schenk if required. In addition, Schenk is able to offer worldwide transport arrangements for tank container shipments through our Intermodal department

Training Personnel

The training and education of personnel are high on the agenda at Schenk. In particular, “Behaviour Based Safety” (BBS) is given close attention. Our employees, and especially our drivers, are effectively representing the Schenk company and our clients during their working day. click here

Safety first

Quality and safety management is a top priority issue at Schenk Tanktransport and all the branches of the company are certified to the appropriate Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) standard. click here


The head office of Schenk Tanktransport is located at Papendrecht in the Netherlands and the company is well represented in North West and Central Europe through its branches in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Poland. click here

Engineering and the Schenk tractor fleet

Schenk has its own vehicle servicing workshop with specialised staff. The repair and maintenance of tank trailers and tractors are mainly carried out in-house. This arrangement ensures that we are able to respond rapidly to meet specific customer needs and provide the appropriate, customised technical solution. click here