Welcome at Schenk Tanktransport

Schenk Tanktransport was founded in 1925 as a company that traded in sand and gravel and also provided transport services. Transport services utilising road tankers were launched by Schenk at the end of the 1950s. Mainly, petrol, diesel and oil for use in domestic heating and as industrial fuel were transported. Due to the growing importance of the tank transport activities the sand and gravel transport activities were finished in the course of the 1980s and Schenk specialised in tank transport.


The company is now  in the safe hands of the third generation of the Schenk family and concentrates almost exclusively on the transport of bulk products by road tankers and tank containers.

After 1990 Schenk Tanktransport developed rapidly, spurred by autonomous, organic growth; the acquisition of the activities of other transport companies; and the takeover of the in-house transport operations of oil companies and industrial gas producers at home and abroad. Schenk continues to utilise these  three routes to growth, as opportunities arise, to drive expansion of the organisation today.

Schenk Tanktransport is a dynamic and specialised international tank transport company. Business activities take place on a round-the-clock basis and involve the (international) transport of fuels, lubricants, LPG, industrial and specialised gases, bitumen, chemicals and liquid fertilisers. Because these goods all require dedicated transport equipment, the expertise and specialist tank truck fleet possessed by Schenk provide the company with a distinctive edge in the market.

Schenk’s stated policy is to offer a safe, efficient and high-quality service to our clients and to work for continued improvement in the performance of this service. To achieve these objectives, we implement a work programme that devotes special attention to key aspects such as quality and safety performance, personnel training and development, and automotive engineering. In addition, the use of a customised approach enables us to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Schenk is well represented in North West and Central Europe by our branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland and Austria.

Order-taking and the dispatch of vehicles and drivers are based at the national branch level. Our transport activities are carried out in shifts during a 6 or 7-day week and a 24-hour system is used for scheduling. Schenk makes use of specially customised software to generate the most efficient schedule for the deliveries required by our clients. We are also connected online to the software and the storage tanks of our clients via telemetry. Besides ensuring the high efficiency of transport operations, this computer interconnectivity provides an efficient system of record-keeping for all business transactions.

Onboard computers enable drivers to be instructed and vehicles to be monitored. The loaded and discharged volumes are confirmed by this computer and the position of the vehicle can be tracked by a global positioning system (GPS). Our planning department can confirm the transported volumes and particulars in the recipient's system through client inlog connections.

The solid foundation of the Schenk company, the commitment of the personnel, our detailed knowledge of the business and the ability to respond in a flexible manner provide our clients, and potential clients, with an excellent partner capable of meeting all their road transport requirements.

Training Personnel

The training and education of personnel are high on the agenda at Schenk. In particular, “Behaviour Based Safety” (BBS) is given close attention. Our employees, and especially our drivers, are effectively representing the Schenk company and our clients during their working day. click here

Safety first

Quality and safety management is a top priority issue at Schenk Tanktransport and all the branches of the company are certified to the appropriate Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) standard. click here


The head office of Schenk Tanktransport is located at Papendrecht in the Netherlands and the company is well represented in North West and Central Europe through its branches in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Poland. click here

Engineering and the Schenk tractor fleet

Schenk has its own vehicle servicing workshop with specialised staff. The repair and maintenance of tank trailers and tractors are mainly carried out in-house. This arrangement ensures that we are able to respond rapidly to meet specific customer needs and provide the appropriate, customised technical solution. click here